Pre-Release: Ivy & the Inky Butterfly: Johanna Basford


Johana Basford this week previewed the cover (UK/US) of her upcoming 6th book, expected in October it is titled: Ivy and the Inky Butterfly.

At 120 Pages it will be Johanna’s largest book and will provide hours of colouring mindfulness!


Ivy and the Inky Butterfly is a storybook to colour. The tale of a curious little girl with a big imagination and her journey through the magical land of Enchantia. She began as scraps of stories I would tell my daughter, Evie at bedtime, but slowly Ivy grew and grew until I knew I would have to make a book about her.

Her quest for the inky butterfly is woven through delicately penned illustrations that embellish each page, inviting you to peer into this charmed realm inhabited by giant bumble bees, ferocious dragons and treasure seeking magpies. There are lots of new ink-scapes for you to explore and colour, from trinket laden tree houses and smouldering castle ruins to secret tunnels and of course a garden of gargantuan proportions (I can’t help it, I just LOVE blossoms!)

It’s a story that I hope will charm and delight readers and colourists of all ages and give you the opportunity to create a completely unique book as you bring the pages to life in your colours.Johanna Basford


And for those that are interested in the Paper and Binding, here is the spec….

Paper: In the UK and US I will be printing on the paper stocks we developed for Magical Jungle. Other countries will likely use the same paper as their editions of Magical Jungle too.

Binding: Exact specifications will vary from country to country but we won’t be spiral binding this book. It has too great an impact on cost and shipping and also, in my humble opinion, ruins the storybook charm of the book. This book will also not have perforated pages.

Printing: Double sided.Johanna Basford


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