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Free Stress Relief With Adult Colouring In

Free Stress Relief With Adult Colouring In

Many people report that colouring in for adults is highly stress relieving. Could colouring in help you with your stress problems?

Try it out with our free adult colouring in example, a meditation on bringing order into chaotic finances and more money, wealth and prosperity into your life.


Stress is bad for your health, and the more time you can stay out of stress and have an enjoyable mini holiday, the better for mind, body and spirit alike.

Choose colours that remind you of pleasure, holiday, good things in life.

Coloring in is stress relieving, but we can do even better than that.

Rather than repetitive patterns that have no meaning, when you combine colours and colouring in with intention, you get far more benefits. Instead of simply "wasting time," you are actively moving towards positive futures - and that is very stress relieving indeed.


Example from the Adult Colouring In Book For Stress Relief: Art Solutions


Q: Could colouring in help me with my stress problems?

The easy answer is - try it out!

Here is a free sample from the Art Solutions Colouring In Book For Adults: Interlacement With Fish

This is a wealth/prosperity meditation  with a difference - it is designed to bring order into chaos, and structure to chaotic financial affairs.

In Art Solutions, keep focused on the purpose of the activity and allow thoughts to flow freely as you choose the colours and complete the painting.

Interlacement With Fish is an original work of art by Energy Artist Silvia Hartmann who says, "It's like combining the relaxing effects of a fish tank with the benefits of gold fish for wealth energy - but without any of the hassle."

Click on the image below to get a picture you can print out and colour in.

Free adult colouring in example to print out against money stress

Q: Can I use an art program instead of real colours?

Yes. We encourage you to try both though so you can find out which works better for you. For many people, the feel of the real pens and sights of real colours bring back happy childhood memories which make for more profound stress relief.

Stress Relief with Adult Colouring In - Art Solutions by Silvia Hartmann

Adult colouring in is an interesting way to experience stress relief quickly and easily.Stress Relief with Art Solutions Adult Coloring In Book

The Art Solutions Colouring In Book also makes for an excellent gift for a friend or family member who has been stressed.

Click here to order.


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